1. Do It Again

From the recording Do It Again

In the story of this song we follow a little girl named Susie throughout the pivotal points of her life. I tried to get the point across with the universal chorus proving that we have the choice to never lose that child-like freedom that we carry with us throughout our lives. I've always got a kick out of seeing young babies and small children with their parents and grandparents.  I got the idea for this song by watching children over the years easily amused by little games that people would play with them.  It never fails when a child finds something that they like they want to "Do It Again" over and over.  In the studio we went with a playful atmosphere in the music to convey the message of the song.  What a fun song! Hope you think so too, if you do play it again. This song is for my mom and her father Oliver Stayner.


Do It Again
Words and Music by Rob Hawkins
Little Susie sittin' on Grandpa's knee
At the family reunion
Enjoyin' the summer breeze
Like a bird she sings
They take a turn on the tire swing
Then her ride comes to an end
She said, "Do it again!"  "I wanna do it again!"
"Do it again!"  "I wanna do it again!"
Verse 2
Tommy fell for Susie in Sunday school
They promised each other
They'd leave that small town soon
At graduation in spring
He dropped down on one knee
He said, "Fall in love with me again"
Repeat Chorus
They made a home
Alive with love
Makin' plans for a family of their own
Then late one night
She woke up and knew it was time
They prayed for a healthy child full of life
As the doctor came in holdin' their beautiful twins
He said, "You should think about doin' this, doin' this again"
I wanna do it again  Do it again
Do it again I wanna do it again
Do it again I wanna do it again
Here we go again Whoa oh oh
I wanna do it again
Do it again and again and again
I wanna do it again
Wish we could do it again Whoa oh oh
I wanna do it again  Do it again