Rob Hawkins

I Breathe

Rob Hawkins
Rob Hawkins


I wanted to write a song that was a reflection of life. An idea that everyone could identify with outlining the human condition that all of us are in. It occured to me that we need to breathe both literally and figuratively to stay alive. I use the book in the chorus as a metaphor: a comparsion to life and its written contents/history of every person's life and its messy existence. (Torn pages, worn out corners, and of course how books have binding or in this case the breath of life and that we are all bound together by it). We all have our stories and books that we treasure. Loved ones that share our lives and their stories with us. It is said that the true measure of a man is how he acts or reacts to life and situations when no one is watching. That's just one of the many reasons that this song is dedicated to my grandfather Bob Hawkins.   


I Breathe

Words and Music by Rob Hawkins

Verse 1

I spent most of the time growin' up

For the rest of my days I'll just grow older

Then this life soon will be over

And all that's left is the song that I sing for you


I Breathe I repeat nothing comes easy

I Breathe there's so much I'll never see

Life's just a book in a hard cover

The pages are torn we wear out the corners

My binding, it holds me I Breathe

Verse 2

I've been up and down roads I've been lost

Rolled all night and day

But it just got harder

The last mile's always the longest

In this life I've searched more than my soul

Repeat Chorus