Rob Hawkins

Bein' In Love With You

Rob Hawkins
Rob Hawkins


This love song is a testimony about the miracle and power of love.  How when two people find and love each other, they can take on the world without fear, follow their dreams, and overcome any obstacle that is thrown at them.  It is the most precious thing in the world when you believe in yourself and find someone that believes in you and has your back through all the trials and tribulations of life.  There's just so much to bein' in love with you. 


Bein' In Love With You

Words and Music by Rob Hawkins

Verse 1

I've been in love and I've been out

But you're the one I can't live without

Played all the games broke all the rules

But that all changed when I found you


With you beside me

Both of us me and you

You're the silver lining

I love the things we do

There's just so much to Bein' In Love With You

Verse 2

We had it all In small amounts

Captured our dreams without Swiss bank accounts

We did all the work still going strong

Weatherin' the years holdin' on

Repeat Chorus